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Five signs you need yoga in your life

Do you recognise any of these “I need Yoga in my life” signs? If you answer any “yes” then give a try. It’s free and might be the beginning of something great, we all need a bit of great these days….

1. I’ve got nagging aches and pains in my back…or knees…or shoulders…or neck... or hips.. (you get the idea)

We all feel those aches and pains and realise we’re not that young anymore. Yoga is a way to rest aching body parts while still getting a workout. Even better, in many cases, yoga’s can help you overcome the underlying weak areas or muscle imbalances that cause pain and injury.

2. I’m not very flexible…and it’s getting worse

Yoga increases flexibility without you really being aware it is happening. I’m not just talking about touching your toes, yoga helps keep your spine limber in all directions. This impacts all facets of how you move, how you walk and how you feel about yourself.

3. I can be get a little wobbly at times

Are losing your ability to balance occasionally maybe as you stand up or close your eyes to stretch? Poor balance is a symptom that the smaller muscles at various points around your body – the ones that help you balance – are being under-used.

4. My exercise routine is quite focused

It takes a lot of dedication to exercise enough to get benefits all over your body. Many runners, cyclists, or swimmers just don’t feel like doing the strength work and free weight lifters maybe don’t get enough of the cardio side. Yoga works leg, core, back, shoulder and arm strength for a baseline level of functional strength.

5. I’m getting more stressed than I used to

In the COVID-19 world, we all should welcome every bit of stress management help we can get. And research shows certain types of exercise is great at lowering stress. Yoga reduces stress hormones and increases feel-good ones, lowers blood pressure and pulse rate, and leaves you feeling refreshed.

If any of the five signs above resonate with you, why not give yoga a try. Book a Free class at, you just never know….

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