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Meet The Yogis



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My journey with Yoga started fairly recently, I attended my first Yoga class in 2017. Since then I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Yoga Quota in Oxford, a not for profit Yoga school. I have been searching for a way to bring Yoga into as many peoples lives as possible, in an inclusive and friendly way. To put it another way, I believe something gets lost when Yoga becomes a business.

I started your free yoga back in March 2020 to try and counter the stressful times we were all going through.


I teach a very meditative style of Yoga, a focus on slow movements to develop strength and breathing to develop a sense of calm. All designed to make life a little bit easier.

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First and foremost, I believe yoga is for all! It doesn't matter one bit if you can't touch your toes or do a handstand; it is simply a practice to be present and curious in our bodies and ultimately take care of ourselves.


I first came to yoga in my early twenties, and since then it's been a practice which has always felt like home. I've moved through various different styles, all of which have informed and enriched my own teaching and practice style, and also helped me with my mental health, and my career in singing, music and presenting. Having a yoga practice has always been my constant.

In 2015 I did my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness. In 2018 I did an intensive workshop under the guidance of renowned yoga teacher and writer Donna Farhi, and in 2019 I qualified in Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Nadia Narain at Triyoga London. In 2020 my husband and I set up One Endurance, a holistic triathlon and endurance sports training business. I take care of the yoga and meditation side for our clients.

My teaching combines elements of classic hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, restorative, yin and yoga nidra (yogic sleep). I also like to play live music and sing a little.

My teaching style is based on listening to the body's needs and tuning into its natural movement. I believe in being exploratory and playful. Your body is the only home you will live in for your whole life; make it beautiful, nurture it, honour it and let it be amazing!

What People Say

Angie, Sussex

Every week since lockdown I have joined these classes, these lovely sessions have taught me loads about mindfulness and wellbeing.

I love them !

Meryl, Oxfordshire

Thank you for creating such a lovely space for us. I think it means a great deal to all of us.

I sense a really lovely feeling there 

Iain, Oxfordshire

Really enjoyed that, nice and relaxed now

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