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We all do it, or we think about doing it lots (work from home people) but how many of us give a second thought to our work from home environment beyond a comfy chair and a bigger screen. Many studies have shown that our minds need as much attention as our bodies when we work from home, but what does that mean?

Below are a few simple thing you could do in your workspace, the simple act of thinking about these things is a great first step. Try one or two out today and your mind will thank you. 


Scented candles can help you be aware of breathing and calm down, this is bound to benefit you and the people you deal with.


Plants bring life into your room, they bring the outside in which can stimulate stress relief and creativity. The fact they produce oxygen in your work area must be a good thing. You don't have to name your plants, but if you do remember to talk to them.


Music or natural sounds can guide your mind into a more relaxed and focussed state. Try having some sound in the background, try different sounds to see what works. You might find Monday morning is different from Thursday afternoons.


This one is hard, how do you stop working on an email or document and walk for 5 mins? Trying to be logical about it doesn't help, your rational mind wants you to keep thinking, its what does. Maybe try more subtle nudges, try setting up a play list that lasts one hour and end with sounds that tell you to walk or close your eyes. Maybe light a tea light on your desk when you start in the morning, when this goes out you need to go for your lunch time walk. Be creative.


When you stop, you stop. Your rational brain doesn't want to stop so make it hard for your thinking brain. Maybe switch off your laptop and put it in a draw in another room or maybe move your chair. Make it harder to start work again than cook or do cloths washing.

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