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During these stressful and worrying times why not try Yoga Breathing?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Breathing in Yoga is the foundation of any Yoga Practice. Breathing supports your Yoga practice by providing an easy to reach point of concentration allowing your mind and body to slowly calm down and become quiet.

When you are ready to start, find a quiet place away from distraction where you can dedicate 5 mins to practice. Begin by choosing if you will be seated or lying down then remove your shoes and if it’s safe to do so allow your eyes to close.

1: Slowly increase the length of your Breath

Bring your attention to your natural breath and notice how you are breathing and where the sticky spots are. Over 4 or 5 breaths allow your breath to lengthen and slow down, if it helps you can count 4 seconds for your in breath and 4 to 6 seconds for your out breath. Once you are there notice how it feels to breath more slowly and more fully for about 10 rounds.

2: Deepen your breath

Focus on your belly, maybe place your hands near your belly button, and breath full breaths into your belly noticing how it feels to fully inflate your belly. Again, notice how this feels and breath for 10 rounds

3: Resting

Keeping your attention on your breathing allow you breathing to return to normal and notice if your breathing feels different.

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